Daisuke Ono isKyōma Mabuchi (voice)
Kyōma Mabuchi (voice)
Reina Ueda isMira Yurizaki (voice)
Mira Yurizaki (voice)
Akira Ishida isAlbert Schumann (voice)
Albert Schumann (voice)
Yuichi Nakamura isLoser (voice)
Loser (voice)
Kimiko Saito isMarie (voice)
Marie (voice)
Takaya Hashi isYurizaki Shidou (voice)
Yurizaki Shidou (voice)
Eri Suzuki isElizabeth Greenhough-Smith (voice)
Elizabeth Greenhough-Smith (voice)

Anime Video

Anime Story

Dimension W dubbed in english watch online free anime episodes. Humanity has found a way to achieve infinite energy by using coils to draw it from the fourth plane: dimension “W”. With the production of coils having been monopolized by the New Tesla energy company, freelance collectors are hired to find and remove any illegal, unofficial coils.

Dimension W English Dubbed Episodes
Anime Name ディメンションW
Anime Rating 6.8 20 votes
First air Episode Jan. 10, 2016
Last air Episode Mar. 27, 2016
All Seasons 1
Total Episodes 12
Average Duration 24 minutes

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